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Located in Rutland, MA we are a 5th Generation Dairy Farm run by brothers Randy and Brian Jordan.  Jordan Dairy Farms, Inc is home to 800 head of Holsteins, milking 300 cows three times per day.  We utilize 950 acres of fields planted with corn or hay.

First in the Nation!! 
The farm is the first to install an Anaerobic Digester, permitted SSO which uses Sorted Solid Organics to produce power.  This digester creates 300 KW per hour– to put it into perspective 300 KW per hour can power the ENTIRE farm and 300 homes.  Watch Randy on Chronicle talk about “Big Bertha”

Diversified Sustainability!!

  • In addition to the dairy we raise over 700 Hybrid Double Breasted White turkeys for your holiday feasts.
  • We also cultivate about 2 Acres of Blueberry bushes that we sell at local Farmers’ Markets